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5 Habits that might damage your car unknowingly!

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Many of us who have been behind the wheel long enough makes driving almost like second nature. Over time, we would not put too much thought into driving as it has developed into muscle memory. Unlocking of doors, putting on the seatbelt, igniting the engine becomes a daily routine. As time goes by, some habits start forming and these habits might cause substantial damage to your car along the years!


Here are a few common habits that you can be aware of!

1. First and foremost, ignoring dashboard warning lights. Dashboard warning lights are always an indicator which reminds you that your vehicle has something on-going that requires your attention. It would be wise to attend to those warning lights to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition! 

2. Shifting from drive to reverse without coming to a full stop. This is a common occurrence as we know that there are situations when you are in a rush for work or a destination that has to be reached at a particular time. Doing this creates wear and tear. Over a period of time, it will result in unnecessary stress and damage the gearbox.

A dashboard of a car
Opening of Car Doors

3. Starting and Stopping your vehicle abruptly. A sudden acceleration or abruptly stopping your vehicle might stress a number of components in your vehicle, such as the gearbox, engine, brake pads and disc. All these will deteriorate faster than they usually do. There might be a need to brake abruptly at certain situations. Thus, it is always good to drive at a steady pace when driving.

4. Easy on the doors. With new models of cars appearing ever so often, the mechanism and functions of the cars changes as well. One such function would be soft close doors. Gone were the days where you have to slam your doors shut in order to close them. This new function allows you to close your doors with a light push. If you are unaware, forcefully slamming or opening the door abruptly might result in damaging the mechanism of the door.

5. Automatic boot function. Similar to the soft close doors, the electric tailgate mechanical function is an automatic system that allows you to open and lift your vehicle boot space with a press of a button. It is best not to use force to open or close the boot while it is operating as you will create stress on the mechanism and ultimately, harm your boot functionality!

Now, straying away from these unwanted habits might be beneficial to you in the future when you intend to sell your vehicle. Here are some tips, if you ever intend to add value to your vehicle!

Automatic boot function also known as electric tailgate
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