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5 Ways to add value to your car before consigning!

Ever thought of selling your car? Not sure how to sell it? Consigning your car will be a good way to free yourself from the shackles of constant phone calls from buyers and the process of paperwork. All this can be settled for you with a car consignment company!


But before consigning, here are a few things you can do, to add value to your car!


1) Regular washing

A regular car wash is always good to have! Making it sparkling clean is one way to

impress your potential buyer!

Washing of car that increases the value of your consigned car
Checking of tire pressure that helps add value to your consigned car

2) Sheltered parking

Have you ever had the experience of bringing your car for a car wash only to have it dirtied with some unnecessary faeces after parking at an unsheltered area? Now, that is where the importance of sheltered parking comes into play. With sheltered parking, your about to consign car is always clean and ready for viewing!

3) Check tire pressure regularly

Checking your tire pressure is a critical element in tire maintenance. Tires that contain the specified amount of air pressure are known to last longer and it also contributes to safeness of the vehicle. Having an underinflated tire might shorten the lifespan of the tire which will also negatively affect the overall vehicle performance. So do check that pressure regularly, making sure that your consigned car is adequate for your potential buyer!

4) Grooming

It is good to groom your car at least once every few months. Be it wiping your headlights, tail lights or even coating the windscreen and windows. A regular grooming of your car would go a long way!


5) Tidy exterior and interior

Last of all, creating a tidy exterior and interior will make a lasting impression! Minimize what you usually place in the car and tidy up your boot space! This also makes it easier for you to prepare your car for viewing anytime! With more opportunities to view, the higher rate of success in selling your car! 


Now that you’ve done all that, you are ready! Here are a few tips on ways to consign your car with us! 

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