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7 Reasons Why 360 VR Cars is Different

Used car dealers are a dime a dozen in Singapore, chances are if you owned a used car, you will either have bought or sold a car through them. A car transaction is not your everyday grocery shopping merchandise, some people sell or buy their car once every 10 years. It is important for the customers to be served by a dealer with immense experience like how they deserved.


Selecting a dealer is essentially more important than selecting the car itself. A vehicle can present itself delightfully but may have many hidden problems and histories that are deliberately made unknown to the buyer. Buyers who are not familiar with cars often consider a vehicle through online reading or hearsay from their friend or relative who may be equally uninformed.

360 VR Cars Bentley in Showroom

In 360 VR Cars, we understand our customers because we were once like them and we do not want to have a sulking journey of buying or selling a car. Through the ages we have derived our very own 7 core values. These values often left our customer smiling with a worry-free and enjoyable ride.

A glass ball showcasing transparent deal

1. Transparent Deal

If you think a pink diamond is rare, having both seller and buyer meet up during a consignment deal is rarer. We encourage the seller to be present not that he or she will contribute to the sales pitch but rather to advocate transparency in price. A serious buyer has the liberty to negotiate the price when the seller is around, it gives them a clarity of what and who they are dealing with. Having both parties at the viewing will accelerate the closing period.

2. Direct Sales Contract

Buying a car directly from a seller eases the tension on conflict of interest. We are representing both the seller and buyer, and the best interest for the both of them. It is a common practice for car consignment dealers to acquire the car from the seller just before the transaction instead of person-to-person transfer. By doing so, they can mask the selling price and gain unethical profits. 

An arrow showcasing direct sales contract
A player kicking a soccer ball to depict that 360 VR Cars has no kickback

3. No Kickback

Another upside of buyer-meeting-seller is the fairness in pricing. Desperate seller tends to agree with an unethical dealer to mark up the price and pay the dealer an “extra” commission. This is a direct violation of the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act and is an offence for both the seller and the dealer. 360 VR Cars does not condone such actions and will continue to uphold fair trading between buyers and sellers.

Car trade is often associated with notoriety, we are not just moving away from such framing and are improving this trade one step at a time. Read the truth of car consignment in Singapore to find out more about this trade.

4. Trade-in is Welcomed

Impulse purchase is a common trait especially for the millennials. There are occurrences where our customer bought a car without first selling his existing vehicle and got into a sticky situation. We help our customers plan their vehicle road map and ensure smooth transition between their drive.

A friendly handshake depicting that trade-in is always welcomed at 360 VR Cars
A Mountain of money to showcase that 360 VR Cars can provide comfortable loans for our customers

5. Comfortable Loans

Being in this industry for years, we know of a thousand and one ways to finance your dream. Many different types of loans are being structured to allow lower down payment but higher interest rate and it is all legally done. Unfortunately we do not provide in-house loans as we just want to focus on what we do best - car consignment.

6. Warranty Check

Consigned cars will not be subjected to lemon law and we do not want that to stop our customer from buying cars via peer-to-peer means. We are working with reputable partners to offer a full diagnostic report on the vehicle our buyer intends to purchase absolutely free-of-charge. To protect the vehicle further, the seller or buyer can purchase the extended vehicle warranty.

An assurance that 360 VR Cars are able to provide a warranty check
The word passion to showcase a Complete Transfer of Passion at 360 VR Cars

7. Complete Transfer of Passion (CTP)

Apart from simply buying over a car, all its accompanied history, modifications, service records and experience will be passed on to the new owner. We strongly support the seller to select who they desire to take over the custody of their beloved vehicle and when the time comes, the seller is able to share deep knowledge about the vehicle.

It is not just sales, it is a 360 experience.

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