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An effort free way to buy a car!

360 VR Cars - Suzuki Jimny Sierra 1.5A Pencil Sketch

There are many options available when choosing to buy a car. New cars, imported cars, used cars and finally consignment cars.

The first thought for many of us would be questions like, “What are consignment cars? How do we get a consign car? Are car consignment dealers reliable?”


Well, to keep it simple, car consignment allows sellers to drive their car while we, as a car consignment company, market their vehicle, looking out for potential and interested buyers.

Not all is gloom and doom in the car consignment world, you will be surprised that some consigned cars are able to offer comfortable prices and reasonable mileage!


The first step of buying a consignment car would be to look at the type of vehicle that you are interested in! Over at 360 VR Cars, we offer a variety of cars for you to look at!

Secondly, once you have chosen that specific car that you are interested in, contact us at 8870 7005 to know more about it! 

Once you are agreeable to the price quoted. We will assist you with the paperwork and the required process such as loans and insurance if needed. All these services will be provided to you hassle free! 

Contacting 360 VR Cars at 8870 7005
360 VR Cars

This makes buying a consignment car too simple to be true! If you are still in doubt, let me show you the benefits that a consignment car can bring to you!

Regardless, there are always some held back sentiments with regards to car consignment dealers. However, here are a few pointers that 360 VR Cars adhere to that might change your mind about buying a consignment car!

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