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Does consignment work for you?

Thinking of trading-in your vehicle to purchase your next dream car? But sick and tired of Car Dealers offering you at unreasonable price? Look no further! Car consignment will be the ideal choice for you!

By leveraging on the experience and knowledge that car consignment dealers have, you’ll be able to get the best value for your vehicle from the market without having to immerse yourself with the immense paperwork and dubious phone calls that come with it. Over here at 360 VR Cars, we are not here just to help out with the process, we are dedicated in looking out for our customer’s interest, creating the best interest for both the seller and buyer

A question mark to reference whether consignment works for you
A jar of spilled money to reference the cost that you will pay and the return of investments that you will recieve

The returns will probably be greater compared to selling it directly to a used car dealer.

As there will be a quoted price agreed by both the seller and buyer.


The only cost that you will be paying? Time, as it takes time to actually photograph, market and advertise your car in the marketplace, it will require more time to match with a genuine buyer compared to selling it directly to a used car dealer. 


So, what are the things that could go wrong? There is this common misconception that lemon law covers all used cars bought by dealers. However, this is not the case as Singapore’s lemon law does not extend their protection to cars that are on sale by consignment. Generally, there are a handful of complaints regarding the sale of consignment cars over the years. 

Majority of the complaints involved consumers being unaware that the used car was sold as a consignment car. Thus, they were unable to seek recourse under lemon law when they found that the car was defective. However, here at 360 VR Cars, these are a few reasons why you do not have to worry about selling your car via consignment with us!

At the end of the day, whether it works for you depends on your individual needs and wants. Just a quick remember, we will always be here to support you along the way!

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