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How to buy a consignment car during a pandemic like COVID-19?

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The Situation

COVID-19 has changed how the world conducts business and how individuals function in our day to day life. We may have embraced this situation and accustomed to such a lifestyle, however one can never be too careful when it comes to our personal health and safety.


Whether you are buying or selling a car through consignment, the risk of exposure is higher due to the number of parties involved in the process. Coronavirus can live from hours to days depending on the type of surface. The key is to minimise contact, keeping clean at all times and ensure traceability.

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Do you need a car during the pandemic?

The answer is yes! In fact, you will need a car even more during a pandemic. It is undeniable that Singapore’s public transport system is one of the world's best. COVID-19 did not change this fact however our transport system may not be ready to adapt that quickly. Since the 0.8-meter rule (formerly 1-meter) cannot be implemented like clockwork on public transport, the high risk group may be more vulnerable at this time. Getting a car will not only ensure the elderly in your household reduces the virus risk, it will also allow them to travel more comfortably and reduces falling risk.

The other reason is the ease of travelling. Electronic road pricing (ERP) has never been deactivated for so long since its inception. The function of ERP corresponds directly to the congestion on the road where less congestion equates to less ERP being activated. This pandemic has created much inconvenience for us, one of the relief is the drivers get to enjoy the pleasure of driving on the unimpeded roads.

A crowded MRT in Singapore while in phase 3

Photo credits to CNA

The precautionary steps 360 VR Cars take for our customers

The procedure

Now, if you agree that getting a car is essential, how do we ensure the safety of our buying and seller?


Step 1: The virus cannot spread if there is zero contiguity, so in 360 VR Cars we will do our part to minimise the contact. To reduce the amount of unnecessary shopping, we will qualify the buyer and shortlist a small selection of cars to our buyer’s preference. There are many cases where our buyer commits in the first meeting and if our seller accepts that offer, we will cancel all the rest of the viewing to limit the exposure.

Step 2: A group of potential buyers will be arranged to view the consigned car on the same day and subsequent viewings will be arranged later. This reduces the inconvenience of the seller and also reduces the interactions with the car in case of contact tracing.

Step 3: All our showroom are equipped with disinfectant, hand sanitiser and disposable face mask. These are all complimentary for our customers. Our buyers and sellers are encouraged to sanitise their hands before and after each viewing.


Step 4: Additional car grooming and sanitisation can be arranged at our collecting point. The entire process will take around 2 hours but health is worth the wait!

What’s next?

Contact our friendly sale representative at 8870 7005 or express your interest HERE to find out how you can sell or buy a car amidst the pandemic in a safe and fast manner.

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