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How to consign your car with us?

Consigning a car is as easy it may be. With us helping you along the way, it can be as easy as ABC!

1. Finding a reputable and trusted dealer

Over here at 360 VR Cars, we are dedicated in providing the perfect service solution for both seller and buyer. The first step is to get in touch with us!

2. Signing a consignment agreement

We will market your vehicle at your preferred price and also provide professional advice based on market sentiment.

3. Advertising your vehicle

Our next step would be helping you create the marketing and advertising material

Consigning your car with 360 VR Cars

4. Looking for potential buyers

We will start marketing your car through multiple platforms and sieve through  qualify potential and genuine buyers.

5. Connecting buyers and sellers

Our unique practice provides an option for both the buyer and seller to meet. This allows both parties to come to an agreement. As such, our clients have the peace of mind and clarity of what and who they are dealing with. Take a look at our 7 core values and how we do it!

6. Car transaction completed

We will finally complete the transaction with the agreed quoted price and assist with the necessary paperwork. Ending it off with a satisfied buyer and seller!

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