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Is it common for buyers to meet sellers in a car consignment deal?

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In conventional car consignment deals, the buyer and seller would usually not meet. In the presence of a seller, there can be cases where the buyer would sometimes hold back on their review of the car as not to offend the seller and the seller on the other hand may also jeopardies the closing by passing some uncalled for comments accidentally. This might result in a process where both parties might change their mind to sell or buy the vehicle thereafter.

In 360 VR Cars, we honor full transparency between buyer and sellers. We value our customers and instill people management skills to our salespeople so everyone walks out of our showroom satisfied even when no deals are performed. Let’s take a look below on the reasons why it is utmost beneficial for the buyer to meet the seller.

First hand information for 360 VR Cars consignment buyers

The buyer will get the best first hand information of the car

Most of our sellers will share the car care tip and maintenance record of the car. Bear in mind that the avid petrol heads only know the general functionality and car care but every car has its own individuality. With the knowledge from the seller, the buyer can skip all learning curves and avoid nonsensical forum posts to know the car inside out.

Driving a car to the maximum potential

Driving the car to its maximum potential

What are the optimal settings for leisure drive, traffic jams, racing mode and more? Different cars have different handling, cornering, speed shift, torque and horsepower. Some people find it fun to discover the personalities of their new drive but others would prefer not to learn the hard way. Ask and you shall receive! Strike a conversation with the seller on what are the car’s limitations and what to watch out for!

The sensitive questions

It is unavoidable that cars will meet an accident every now and then. Knowing the cars have accidents will help the buyer to take note of any potential future problems and give them a chance to get a further discount. It is always better for the seller to answer that than uncovering the fabrication yourself inducing unhappiness and sense of betrayal.

Answering sensitive questions
Nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication contributes up to 93% in a conversation

Some buyers are curious as to why the seller is selling their car and reasons like cannot afford anymore or upgrading their ride is always music to the ears. It would be a nightmare for the buyer when a seller intends to get rid of their car due to heavy mechanical issues. We are not expecting everyone to be a psychology expert but simple cues will often give the seller away and this gives the buyer a better assessment overview.

His behaviour can dictate how he treats his car

It is not fully accurate on this statement but if the seller is a heavy smoker, bad hygiene, clumsy or reckless person in nature, it is fair to deduce how it will reflect on his car. First impression counts whereby buyers would have a better and lasting impression with a pleasant and clean-looking seller as the buyer will be taking over the seller’s seat.

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Beyond scientific reasons

Ever wonder why you can click off with some people easily while you can hate another person who has not even strike up a conversation? It is always a bonus when you know who is the previous owner of your used car. Of course, such weirdness works both ways where you could have loved the car, hate the seller and the deal is off. Or it could be a scenario where you have no strong feelings of the car, love the seller and the deal is on. 

Get to network and know more people

This is a give away especially for people in the sales industry. Leads, leads and more leads. Having to know the seller not only allows you call or drop a message to him or her about the mechanical issues of your engine but also allows you to expand your connections. You will never know who you will meet and the relationship is fortified through a successful car transaction. After all, your net worth is your network.

Get to network and know more people

The list of benefits for seller and buyer to meet during a car consignment deal does not just end here, having a buyer and seller meeting up can also allow the seller to impart the passion and sentimental value that he or she had with the car. 360 VR Cars will always adhere to our 7 core values and the most relevant value for this article is the complete transfer of passion. No matter how knowledgeable or motivated the car dealer or salesperson is, we will never be comparable to the seller who owned the car and experienced it in a prolonged period. It is our pleasure to give you a peace of mind when it comes to buying a used car from us.

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