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Why do we encourage our buyers and sellers to meet?

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Here at 360 VR Cars, we strongly encourage our buyers and sellers to meet before finalizing any transaction. In the car consignment world, it is not uncommon for deals to have been completed without ever seeing the other party. However, this leaves room for some to engage in underhanded behaviour for their own gains — which can include, but are not limited to, instances where the dealer prohibits the meeting of buyers and sellers, or when dealer commissions are priced favourably for the seller, when it may have come out from the buyer’s pocket.

As a car consignment dealer ourselves, we would like to ease your concerns and avoid any complications in the buying and selling process. 360 VR Cars value transparent deals above all, and will take a certain amount of administrative fees from both our buyers and sellers — this is communicated clearly when you decide to buy or sell a car with us. See “7 Reasons Why 360 VR Cars is Different”

We will be happy to facilitate any meetings between our buyers and sellers, if only to verify the identity of the other party in the negotiation, or to ensure that both are on the same page at all times. The meeting of buyer and seller will hasten the process of negotiation and help close deals quicker, allowing you to drive off with your dream car that much faster! Sellers will also be able to share information about their cars directly to prospective owners, even sharing know-hows for easier maintenance of the car. Owning a car has never been this easy.

Facilitating meetings between buyers and sellers
Happy customers after being served

360 VR Cars has your best interests at heart, and we aim to make the process of buying and selling your car a seamless one. Car consignment can be a long, drawn out process ranging from weeks to months. Though, this is no cause for concern as we have experienced car consignment consultants ready to help. Get in touch with us now!

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